A comprehensive overview of the core drilling process.

The reason why coring services exist is primarily to extract a cylindrical sample of drilled material during construction. This is an extremely vital process to development as it ensures that material and building standards are met alongside a host of other applications.

Core drilling utilises a rotary drill head and can be effective at attaining samples from rock, cement, concrete, asphalt, granite and a number of other dense materials that are extremely difficult to cut into without damaging build integrity.

Why is core drilling effective?

Core drilling is the most effective method for sampling as it allows for the extraction of a completely undisturbed and intact example of material. Core drilling also utilises the superior cutting properties of diamond drill bits.

Beyond this, there are various benefits to core drilling which include the following:

Extensive depth of cut

Generally speaking, core drills can extract a sample of material of a depth of up 700mm (70cm) with specialised drills being able to go much deeper. As this is much more effective than saw drilling, core drilling is chosen for extremely dense and thick slabs of material. Core drilling may also be used to cut concrete into any shape given the correct placement of multiple drilled holes.

A true and refined cut

Core drills can extract a perfectly rounded sample of material of varying widths depending on the type of application with minimal disturbances to the integrity of the build. A drill head is mounted with ease and can effectively and quietly extract material. Core drilling is also used for creating a mould for piping, windows, and practically any other circular object that needs to be fitted.

Very little disturbance to building integrity.

Core drilling is a precise and accurate process that evenly and efficiently extracts material. To achieve this, water is applied to the process to cool down the material and suppress harmful by-products of drilling such as concrete dust. Because of this, the core drilling service we provide is also known as a non-percussive process.

Can a core drill cut through metal?

Absolutely! Core drills equipped with diamond drill bits can cut through a variety of metals and alloys including reinforced steel.

How effective are diamond drill bits?

Our use of diamond tools for concrete drilling has distinctive benefits over the use of conventional tools. An overview of these benefits is listed below:

Not only are diamond drill bits faster in operations, but they can also reduce labour costs.
Robust and long-lasting diamond bits mean a precise cut with minimal need for maintenance.
A reduction in debris and harmful dust particles from concrete drilling.
A relatively low vibration level in combination with water means keeping the structure intact.
A reduction of auditory noise at construction sites.

Solid material drilling with J&B Coring

As part of the coring services we offer, concrete cutting can be done with a combination of drilling applications including sawing and the removal of concrete.

Essentially, core drilling is by far the best process for testing and extracting concrete. At J&B Coring, we pay special attention to scaling (surface peeling), leaching (dissolved material) or cracks within the structure (mapping) in order to determine whether or not core drilling needs to be implemented for sample inspection.

We provide a comprehensive coring service which includes the following:

Concrete Coring
Wire sawing
Residential drilling and coring
Concrete scanning and rebar services

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