What it takes to design and build a simple Circular Opening

J&B Coring was requested to do a circular opening in a wall to install a rounded window. Sounds simple enough, however: the opening was 2.45m in diameter done off shutter with a 5mm tolerance.

The opening:

This circular opening with a diameter of 2.45m needed to be done with precision for a new window fit out.

This was a large window opening with specific requirements and expert skills to complete efficiently, safely, and accurately to the specifications.

The opening starts with accurate marking and development of an action plan to fulfil the requirements in the requested time frame and to the accuracy required.

A combination of various techniques was used to achieve the circular shape, cut the concrete into manageable sizes and safely remove the remaining concrete.

It required experience and planning to successfully complete as it was done off shutter and therefore no drilling and anchoring of supports could be used on the outside of the opening.
It was completed with no chipping or breaking and was successful in achieving the required tolerance.

The Final Product:

The final product is rather beautiful, made possible by an expertly completed circular opening.


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