How to build around and renovate existing structures.

Construction is a complicated affair. Oftentimes you’ll find yourself working with existing structures. Yet, despite the various challenges, this is simply part of the construction process. In order to ensure that our clients receive the quality work they pay for, adapting to existing and advanced technology is often a necessary strategy.

Why is this the case? Existing structures will often contain rebar, conduit, post tension cables and other materials that are often difficult to pinpoint without utilising the correct procedures. Fortunately, Concrete Scanning, Coring, and Chasing techniques help to ensure that your building’s renovation remains seamless and cost-effective.

Concrete Scanning.

Concrete scanning is done to identify reinforcement in a slab of concrete and determine safe core cutting positions. This is done to avoid reinforcements in the slab and to maintain the integrity of the structure. Cover scans are done to identify the minimum cover of the reinforcement in the slab. Thus determining a safe depth to chase without disturbing the structure.

Concrete Coring

Concrete coring is done between reinforcement identified on the scans to maintain reinforcement integrity. Coring is done in a clean manner to avoid unnecessary mess and avoid damage to office or residential infrastructure.

Concrete Chasing.

Concrete chasing is done where coring may not be possible due to limited access. A veritable technique where others might fail, chasing is conducted at a safe depth determined by the cover scan. This is effective at avoiding reinforcement and is large enough to accommodate the required services. Chasing equipment setup is seamless and minimises dust and debris. All while keeping the work neat, accurate, and cost-effective.

Never avoid scanning.

Without the implementation of proper scanning, there is no way to be sure that you won’t hit existing structures within the concrete. Damage to an existing framework may lead to the overall collapse of the concrete structure which would then result in costly repairs.

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