Versatile Coring – Drilling perfect holes regardless of size or surface

There are very few processes out there that offer the drilling of flawless and precision circular holes quite like core drilling with a diamond tip. The process of concrete coring is widely used to cut holes from the minute dimensions of 18mm up to 600mm and beyond upon practically any surface regardless of angular dimensions.

This makes core drilling a versatile and efficient process for all industrial, commercial, or residential renovations. It is thanks to the use of innovative technologies and a dedicated skillset that J&B Coring can match an array of needs and requirements in modern construction.

A variety of applications

Core drilling can be used for both aesthetic and practical uses. In terms of practicality, core drilling allows for the seamless integration of plumbing pipes, air conditioning ventilation, service ducts and CAT6 cables for internet wire management. All of which are incredibly vital to designing functioning office space.

At home, core drilling can be used for the same purposes while allowing for the effective installation of air conditioning systems, manholes, drainage and fuel holes for gas and wood fireplaces.

On the aesthetic side, one of our recent jobs involved the drilling of a large diameter hole within the structure of a new modern building. The hole was then fitted to serve as a dynamic window shape which added both style and character to the overall design of the building.

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J&B Coring has completed projects for multiple corporate and government initiatives from the Gautrain to modern and sophisticated business parks in and around the Johannesburg area.

We offer a complete coring service solution to all your concrete demolition and cutting needs.
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